The Stylist
The Stylist
ideas for styling your home and life


Hello and Welcome!  I am a Stylist and Decorator (DDA) living in the prettiest town in Canada.  Follow me as I share my ideas for creating style both in life and at home.  

As the youngest of five, mine was a mismatched, uncoordinated, unfitted childhood: old tweed coats with sleeves three inches above (or below) my wrists.  Boys' bikes with unadjusted seats. Ski-jackets I stepped into.  Dolls with no hair.  Scotch-taped hems.  Faded flannel nighties and Sunday school shoes with safety pins where my sister had buckles.  My bedroom was red and purple and blue and orange.  Whatever was left.  It was the cottage we never had.  And while other children were outside playing, I was inside colour-blocking my closet.  I longed for a candle at the dinner table in place of the 60 watt cool white under which we confessed our daily sins.  I knew there were awful things happening in the world, but at the tender age of ten, all I could think about was that heavenly blush pink canopy bed in the Sears catalogue.  What kind of terrible person was I?   I was - I see now - an aesthetic, born into an academic family.  And I have made peace with myself.  I have accepted that, for me - and if you're here, I suspect for you too - design is about the Soul.  Creativity is the affirmation of the Soul.  Beauty nourishes the Soul.  The Soul is about our senses.  To an aesthetic, design is therapy.  It is inviting the spirit to come out and play.  So this is my playground.  And thanks to my mismatched childhood, I have found that creativity yields more than money and that, often, not being able to afford what you want forces the bulbs of creativity.